3 bottles of oxygen pure - GOX of energy in cans that are breathing

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3 bottles of oxygen pure - GOX of energy in cans that are breathing

Each flashes of pure oxygen will help you: At workfor transient fatigue, lack of concentration and stress. In sportto increase your performance and better recovery during and after exercise. Dailyto combat fatigue, relax, breathe in case of respiratory difficulties.   For more information, download our brochure


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Gox canette d'oxygène pur

The energy of our body comes to 90% of the oxygen and glucose and only 10% of the alimentattion and the water. goX contains pure oxygen concentrated. Thus, GOX is 100% natural remedy to combat the transient fatigue and restore energy. The object that comes in the form of a can contains 4 L or 6 L of pure oxygen inhales by hot flashes. Each inspiration facilitates respiration and can boost your business performance greater than 40%!

The cap of the can is drawn to inhale through the mouth and nose to maximize the invigoration by deep inspiration. The effect is immediate, the purity of the oxygen acts as a breath of fresh air.

GOX is particularly effective at work, to facilitate concentration, memory and reduce stress. Ideal in the sports framework, it can increase its performance, to be more endurance and speed up muscle recoveryAfter the effort. More broadly, it effectively against the effects of stress and fatigue but also for respiratory problems (allergies, hay fever rum, etc).

Take advantage of the benefits of oxygen: here are the only true can energy 100% natural.



-GOX is very light because its content is in gaseous form (oxygen), lighter than air.

-GOX undergoes strict quality controls and is not empty.

-GOX, bobbin container 4 L / 6 L of pure oxygen depending on selected version 

-Tip adapted

-More than 45 puffs for a 4 L, 75 flashes for a 6 L

-Easy to use one-handed

-Boost performance up to 40%

-Light can in aluminum (weight 4 L: 200 grams, 6 L: 250 grams)

-Contains no additives or conservative

-100% recyclable

-Without taste or smell


4 L -> length: 18 cm, girth: 6.5 cm.

6 L -> length: 24 cm, girth: 6.5 cm.


Level of oxygen in the bobbin

To know the level of oxygen remaining in a bobbin goX 4 Litres or 6 Litres, please bring the can near the ear and pressing the trigger grey.

If you hear a hissing sound, this is a sign there of oxygen in it.


Tips for using

-10 to 15 flashes, 2 times per day, if necessary.

Be sure to secure the plastic inhaler on the top of the can (should not be reluctant to force a bit sometimes).

-Then, by pressing the grey trigger, you will hear a hissing noise, signs that the oxygenEne escapes. If you do not hear no whistling, correctly re-secure the inhaler on the bobbin.


Precautions for use

Pressure vessel. A protect against sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 25 ° C. Do not Pierce or burn, even after use. Do not spray into a flame or a hot body.



The can of oxygen is a product that is sold without a prescription and non-medical use. It is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used in a medical emergency. If in doubt, consult your physician. Keepout of reach of children. Keep away from combustible material.


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