Pulse Oximeter

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Pulse Oximeter

A small, light and portable Pulse Oximeter!


It is designed to measure and display functional arterial hemoglobin and pulse oxygen saturation.


29,90 € Author


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Pulse Oximeter



Easy to use, simply insert a finger into the Pulse Oximeter and then press the button to activate the device. Equipped with a screen organic light emitting diode, displays the percentage of SpO2 and heart rate value, the results being updated every second. The brightness of the screen is also adjustable. Read the oxygen saturation rate and pulse is always easy.

Compact and lightweight, this Pulse Oximeter is easily transportable! It will turn off automatically after 8 seconds if no finger is inserted.




Product delivered in its carton, without battery (2 batteries AAA 1, 5V).




-Monitor SpO2 and pulse wave form display

-Low energy consumption, operating continuously for 50 hours

-Small size, lightweight and easy to carry

-Low voltage, automatic power off alarm

-Runs on standard AAA batteries





+ Measuring range: 70-99%

+ Accuracy: ± 2% on the stage of 70%-99%, unspecified)<70%) pour SpO2

+ Resolution: ± 1%

+ Low perfusion: <0,4%


+ Measure: distance: 30bpm-240BPM

+ Accuracy: ± ± 1% (bigger) or 1BPM

+ Power supply: two standard AAA batteries

+ Power consumption: below 30mA

+ Automatic shut-off: the product stops automatically without any signal for 8 seconds

+ Dimension: 62 mm * 32 mm * 33 mm

+ Operating temperature: 5ºC-40ºC

+ Storage temperature:-10ºC-40ºC

+ Humidity: 15% to 80% on air + 10% to 80% in storage + pressure operation: 70 kPa-106kPa



Precautions for use

Avoid using a Pulse Oximeter in the presence of a too intense light (sunlight or under strong light) as this can disrupt the infrared sensor and cause false results. If necessary cover the Pulse Oximeter to protect it from light. Do not put a finger on one hand, if a monitor is already positioned on the corresponding arm. Contraction / relaxation of the blood pressure cuff would distort the measurement of the pulse of the Pulse Oximeter. Most oximeters are not waterproof, so do not immerse them in liquid any.

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