Concentrator oxygen generator Philips Respironics EVERFLO 5 L / min - 2 years warranty

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Concentrator oxygen generator Philips Respironics EVERFLO 5 L / min - 2 years warranty

Concentrator oxygen generator Philips Respironics EVERFLO 5 L / min - 2 years warranty

Oxygen concentrator unheard delivers 5 L of O2 / min. Thanks to ergonomic design, this oxygen generator is easy to store, move and transport. It is reliable, easy to use, offers low maintenance and high resistance.
2-year warranty.


849,60 € Author


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A size divided by two, a weight divided by two, the same exceptional performance

* Compact and light device for easier transportation.

* Subwoofer smooth, easy to clean.

* Built-in flow meter.

* Output O2 durable metal.

* Wide handle for maximum comfort and ease of transport

* Oxygen concentration indicator (OPI) measure the delivered oxygen flow and indicates if intervention is necessary.

* The universal humidifier is placed on the top of the hub to facilitate its installation.

* No filter must be changed for two years: routine maintenance is reduced.

* Compressor ThomasTM integrated, specially designed for the system.


Main features

• Light

• Compact

• Low power consumption

• Low noise level

• Oxygen intake: from 1 to 5 litres minute

• Reduced maintenance: replacing the filter of inlet every 1 to 2 years


Technical characteristics

  • Level <43 dB sound
  • 295 W power consumption
  • Oxygen 93 +/-3% to 5 l/min.
  • Weight 14 kg
  • Dimensions 58 x 38 x 24-53 l
  • Compressor> 25 000 h
  • Filters for compressor input filter: bacterial filter according to the provider's policy
  • O2% alarm low priority <82% - high priority <70%

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