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What is oxygen active?


Clinical experience has proven that live permanently in an environment with a 50% oxygen concentration has no impact on the human body. This hypothesis is validated by the fact that the concentration of oxygen during the Paleozoic era was 35%. It is physically impossible to be exposed to a 50% oxygen concentration or at least to use an oxygen mask over. In an environment of high airtightness, additional oxygen is impossible. For reference, adverse symptoms for health related to the excess oxygen appear only during inhalation to 100% oxygen, continuous, for 12 hours or more.

Although it has not been clearly verified, active oxygen is known to be generated excessively when the food in the human body are not correctly burned. It ensures the immune system but this handling excessively, it isknown for causing skin ageing and cancer.


Oxygen and active oxygen are two different particles. It is absolutely wrong to believe that a large amount of breathe oxygen leads to the production of a large amount of active oxygen. Active oxygen is a part of waste not burned by the human body. In an oxygen environment standard, or about 21%, active oxygen is naturally evacuated by the body.


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