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What does oxygen consumer of tobacco and alcohol?

Oxygen is vital to the survival of our body, in contrast to CO2. Oxygen is essential for our body converts what we buveons and eat energy.

The level of oxygen in the air decreases over time. 10,000 Years ago the rate of O2 in atmospheric air was 30%, today it is only 21%.

The different types of pollution (atmospheric, agricultural, industrial, cars, linked to human consumption) are that we are, without it necessarily in hypoxia = lack of oxygen.

The effects of lack of oxygen are reflected on our Organization under various headache more or less unpleasant: maux headache headache, fatigue passenger, jumps of moods, stress, lack of concentration, muscle pain, etc.

Oxygen allows among other to detoxify. It enables people who are dependent on tobacco and/or alcohol to find assistance to combat the feelings of failing(e).

In addition, oxygen has to vertue to speed up the elimination of toxins and in particular this alcohol in the blood.

After a too drunken evening, nothing better than of oxygen (for example to the)helps of oxygen cans) to reduce the rate of alcohol, recover his senses faster, to reinvigorate and combating alcohol-related migraines.





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