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General conditions of sale event

1 object

The terms and conditions described below detail the rights and obligations between the company OXYBIOS, called "the company", selling the services defined below, and on the other hand the physical or legal person, referred to as "the customer", buying one or more of these services through an agreement as defined in article 2 of this agreement. The services offered by the company include:

Services related to the Council include obligations of means. The service relative to the organization comes with obligations of results. These obligations are detailed in article 15 hereof.

2 contract

Full quote of the present general conditions sale is a contract proposal for which the customer or its agent for himself, possible expressly have the power, authority, and capacity to its conclusion and the execution of its obligations. This proposal for a contract is valid 30 days from the date of mailing or presentation to the customer. Thereafter, rates listed are subject to change in line-dance with article 7, paragraph 2 of the present and a new estimate will be established by the company.The contract is concluded and the two parties upon receipt by the company of the quote duly dated and signed by the customer, bearing the stamp of the client and of the words 'good for agreement"and a copy of the present duly initialled and clothed in the words"read and approved ". By express agreement between the client and the company, the Act of sending the single quote in accordance with paragraph 2 of this article is worth of its acceptance of the terms of the contract and of the general terms of sale that have been given to him.

3. conditions of application

All services fulfilled by the company requires the client the entire membership and without reservation to the conditions of the contract, excluding any other documents such as site Internet, brochures, commercial documents, etc... In case of contradiction between the provisions of the quote signed by the client and those contained in the General conditions of sale, the quotation shall apply. In the case of different contractual specific provisions of these general terms of sales, special conditions are applied.

4. terms of developments

The company agrees the right to change the articles of the General conditions of sale at any time. All new version enters into force the day after its publication on the site http://www.oxygenez-vous.com; It will be applicableany new proposal or any endorsement contract issued subsequent to the date of publication.

5. withdrawal period

In accordance with the provisions of article L121-21 and following of the code of consumption, and in the case of a sale to a non-professional remotely, the client has the right to cancel the contract by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 7 days, including days, from the formation of the such contract that stipulated in article 2 hereof. If this time expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday, it is extended until the first following working day. Before the expiry of the withdrawal period referred to in article L121-25, the company may require or obtain from the client, directly or indirectly, in any way or in any form whatsoever, a matching any or commitment or the provision of services of any kind whatsoever.

6 cancellation

All cases of discontinuance or the customer out of the period of withdrawal a few causes the exclusion causes resulting from major forces, immediately releases the company of all obligations towards the customer who may not claim or postponement of the event to another date or the reimbursement of the sums already paid. These are preserved by the company compensationirreducible contract of termination of the contract.

7 price

The rates for the services day of sending from the quote to the customer. They are denominated in euros and exclusive of taxes. They will be increased by the rate of VAT and travel expenses in accordance with article 8 of this agreement. The rates are guaranteed for the quote in accordance with article 2, paragraph 1 of the present. The company agrees the right to change its price list at any time. It will be applicable to any new proposal or endorsement issued after contract on the date of change.

8. travel costs

Travel expenses are charged over and above the services when the presence of an employee of the company during the event is included in the services sold. Travel expenses are calculated according to the current mileage scale published each year by the General Tax Directorate. the distance is calculated from Paris or Lyon to the place of the event of the customer.

9 terms of settlement

The regulation of services is done exclusively in euros:

The regulation of services is phased as follows:

For the case where the signature of the contract or the end of the period of withdrawal comes 30 days or less the beginning of the event, the two instalments shall be replaced by a deposit of 50% of the total amount on presentation of invoice, the balance of 50% at the conclusion of the event as for the general case.

Failing payment of the first instalment or the single deposit, and in accordance with article 15, paragraph 3 of this agreement, the company does not guarantee the availability of stakeholders with whom the quote was encrypted. However, the customer is bound by the obligations in respect of the present particularly in regard to the settlement terms and conditions of cancellation referred to in article 6.

10. terms of payment

Unless otherwise provided in the contract, invoices are payable:

In case of disagreement on some of the Bills, the customer is obliged to pay the uncontested parts without delay and to indicate the reason for the challenge within 5 working days and by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the company. If there is no claim, the customer is apply delay penalties on the remaining amounts due pursuant to article 11 hereof.

11. delay penalties

Failure to pay all or part of the charged services, the customer must pay the company a late penalty at once and half the rate of legal interest. Selected legal interest rate is that in force on the day of invoicing of services. In addition, this failure to pay can open right to the allocation of damages for the benefit of society. The penalty is calculated on the amount net of taxes of the remaining amount due, and run from the due date mentioned on the invoice without any prior notice being required. All that society is going to bear the title of remaining debt due collection fees charged to the client.

12 discount terms

No discount is granted in case of prepayment.

13 discounts and rebates

Rates referred to in the contract include the discount and stournes as the companye would have to granted given its results or support by the buyer of certain benefits.

14. Resolutive clause

If years 15 days following a reminder by letter recommended with acknowledgement for a delay with payment or no late fees the client is not acquitted of the remaining sums due, sale is resolved as of right and the company is relieved of all obligations to the customer immediately. The period runs from the first presentation of the registered letter.

15 obligations of the company

The company has obligation to implement all the means it considers necessary and sufficient to satisfy its customers within the limits of the contracted services with obligations of means defined in article 1 hereof. The company has obligation to implement all the means it considers necessary and sufficient to prevent or reduce the effects of a breach of contract caused by an event of force majeure as defined in article 21 of this agreement; It must inform the customer promptly in case of occurrence of an event of force majeure preventing him to run all or part of its contractual obligations. By express agreement between the client and the company, it was agreed that the company makes reservations farms of its animation that ap team

provided in accordance with article 16, paragraph 2 of the present. The liability of the company can also not be engaged in case of occurrence of the following facts:

The liability of the company cannot be hired as services accessible by Internet and has no control of any form whatsoever on the nature or characteristics of the data that could be channelled through its server centre.

18 publication / advertising

The company is likely to reproduce or distribute all or part of the event on its Web site or advertising media data. Are considered in the event data content manuscript of the Golden Book of the company as well as the photo in connection with the event, in analogue or digital format which him would have been transferred to provisional or final title by the customer. Hereby the customer acknowledges transfer fees for the event data and expressly authorize their publication on Internet or advertising material within the meaning of article 9 of the Civil Code and the associated case law, including the right to the image.

The customer declares having collected the express permissions of third parties appearing in the data of the event including those of parents or guardians for minors, and thus clear the company of all third-party claims against aiming to prohibit the publication of event data or request damages. Thecustomer declares to be informed of the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article and have the option to refuse any publication and assignment of rights of event data bearing the words "read and approved, refusal by publication and assignment of right" on the copy of the herein stated in the agreement as defined in article 2.

19 confidentiality / access rights

The Company undertakes not to sell, share, or divguer the personal data of the customer to any third party outside of its own use. However, these data may occasionally be transferred to third parties acting on behalf or in the name of the company or in connection with the activity of the company in the context of the use for which they were originally collected. The customer has the right to access and update his personal data and the right to ask for their removal, in accordance with the law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relative to information technology, files and freedoms. The Company undertakes to ensure that the personal data of the client are up-to-date, accurate and complete. The customer can exercise his right of access or correction by contacting the company:

20. force majeure / case fortruit

Is a case of force majeure or a case fortuitous everythingevent outside, unforeseeable and irresistible in the sense of article 1148 of the civil Code, independent of the will of society and impede the realization of services sold, the acts of public power, hostilities, wars, riots, the facts of the prince, natural disasters, fires, flooding, exceptional weather, total or partial strikes impeding the smooth running of the company or one of its suppliers , subcontractors or carriers as well as damage, failure or delays in one or more training-res, the blocking of telecommunications, Internet blocking, the failure equipment broadcasting service, the interruption of transport, the supply of energy, raw materials... The party wishing to invoke an event of force majeure shall notify immediately the poultry part the beginning and the end of this event, without which she cannot discharge its responsibility.

21 Juridication jurisdiction / applicable law

For all disputes related to sales made by the company and for the application or interpretation of the present general conditions of sale, and if no amicable resolution, only the Paris commercial court has jurisdiction. The french law is only applicable.

Initialling of the pages and signaturepreceded by the words "Read and approved" customer followed eventually marked "re - was publication and assignment of right."





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