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Folder: All about stress: all about stress in the company 1. Introduction 2. Stress: a nuisance 3. Symptoms of stress on the individual 4. Symptoms of stress on the company 5. Personality type 6. The causes of stress in society 7. The causes of stress in the company 8. Reduce your stress at work 9. Reduce stress in your Enterprise 10. Conclusion 1. Introduction Definition: It is a "response of the organism to the physiological and psychological factors of aggression." as well as pleasant and unpleasant emotions that require an adaptation (Dict. Petit Robert). In case of physical or psychological stress, the human body secretes certain hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisone. These hormones modify heart rate, blood pressure the metabolism and physical abilities. If they last few, these reactions can act as a stimulant, but long term, they are extremely harmful. 2. The stres s: a nuisance stress to consequences on the individual, the family, society and business. On the individual night indeed to the physical and mental health of individuals by causing various problems. On the family there these last 20 years a considerable increase in divorces in Western countries. The rapid rise of stress in the workplace ofwork is in part a cause of this increase. Indeed, parents are torn between the desire to care for their children and pursue a professional career. Company stress is already a heavy burden for the company, and it is that to increase. He must assume the cost of compensation for sick people of stress, retired pensions early due to stress, retired aus paid disability pension early because of stress, pensions disability paid to victims of work accidents related to stress. This is the behavior and makes often irritable, which degrades the relationships within the community. Business professional workplace stress is said to be "organizational". It causes a decrease in the performance of the enterprise in terms of productivity, efficiency and responsiveness. His negative action on the individual affects and is increasing in the workplace generating demotivation, uncertainty and loss of the sense of belonging. A very high degree, stress can create burnout "commonly called"burn"". out It is the result of an unhealthy relationship of an individual against his work. The person has invested more in addition to energy in his work at the expense of her personal life, while taking less and less satisfaction.This State manifests itself by a physical, or emotional exhaustion by a reduction in productivity at work as well as a sense of depersonalization (ex: feeling of insensitivity, impersonal responses to clients). 3. Symptoms of stre ss on the individual on the physics on the psychic on behavioural problems Cardio-depression (decrease aggressiveness vascular interest or pleasure, worthlessness, restlessness or decrease Allergies guilt thoughts of energy problems of skin death, suicidal) alcohol abuse or drug migraine anxiety/panic disorders food (loss difficulties respiratory trouble or weight gain / appetite) sleep Frustration/irritability conflict problems gastro-Isolement neglect problems dress intestinal difficulties of over concentration or to take of decisions memory loss 4. s ymptomes e stress s company n the results on staff productivity/performance lower effectiveness (quality of production) increase in absenteeism loss of efficiency: difficulty of concentration decrease of reactivity is reactivity difficulty making sense of disability decisions / incompetence rising costs of rotation of staff (dismissals, hiring) increase the difficulty of work occupational accidentsteam loss of self-confidence / other decrease in the image/reputation of the company loss of enthusiasm / motivation negativism conflict of hierarchical order: decrease in the commitment to the Organization - Resistance to change - anger, hostility and disloyalty to the Organization and its leaders - 5. The type of personality individuals, depending on their personality and their character, react differently to various problems. They will be more or less sensitive to the psychological tensions. There are four major types of personality:-'neurotic' personalities - personalities type "A" personalities of type 'B' - 'Bold' personalities individuals with a line of nevrotisme high have a negative affect, which leads to experience negative emotions such as anxiety, depression and anger. They are also likely to interpret a situation stressful as being threatening and tend to react impulsively. The person said type A is considered as competitive, extremely ambitious, impatient and seems to have a need for control, even on the recalcitrant. These people are described as perfectionist, excessively dedicated and involved in their work. They have a constant need to outdo themselves and tend to bind (to themselves)(or other) goals too high relative to their capacity, which leads them to be often disappointed and dissatisfied at work. Conversely, people with type B are rather patient, relaxed, and little competitive. Several studies have shown a link between type A personality and some psychological and physical problems the reverse, people with type B are rather patient, relaxed, and little competitive. Several studies have shown a link between type A personality and some psychological and physical problems the bold personality, for its part, has three characteristics. First, bold people tend to be engaged in activities, events, and with their environment. Thus, under stress, bold people use to support environment to manage their stress. Second, they have the impression of having control over the events, either by acting directly on the factor of stress or interpreting so as to reduce the impact. Finally, bold people tend to regard the changes as opportunities for personal development or as challenges, rather than as a threat to their security. They therefore prefer change stability. Studies have shown that in general, bold personality moderates the effect of stress on physical healthand psychological. 6. Caus es of the stres s in society social facts the rapid demographic evolution, the phenomena of migration of population to urban areas and the growing role of women contributed in recent years to increase stress in society. In industrialized countries, more than eighty per cent of the population lives in cities. Stress is related to crowded living conditions and high noise, crime and air pollution levels. The role of women has changed considerably over the past 50 years, including in urban areas. Women now hold a large part of the labour force. They are subject to the same stress than men and even more, because of the conflict between their work and family responsibilities. The family environment studies show that the family environment plays a key role in the degree of stress of individuals. A person facing family problems (divorce, relationship parents and children...) is more subject to psychological pressures that an individual finding peace and serenity while returning home. Your committed elements and respo ilities any commitment and responsibility generates a constraint that can be considered a positive as negative. Indeed, it's have obligationstowards someone or something and so out of absolute autonomy. They can be sources of stress for the individual 7. c stre ss e n warehouse rise causes several studies demonstrate that factors related to the Organization play an important role in psychological health problems at work. Firstly, because people spend more than one-third of their lives to their work and, second, because that work-related performance, efficiency, and effectiveness criteria cease to grow. Found these elements in the environment, under the conditions in which the work is performed or in the work situation itself, they are all part of the organization. spend more than a third of their lives in their work and, second, because criteria of performance, efficiency and effectiveness at work never cease to grow. Found these elements in the environment, under the conditions in which the work is performed or in the work situation itself, they are all part of the organization. Stress relating to the tasks and roles the requests related to tasks and roles in the Organization would be the sources most frequently reported as being responsible for the problems of physical and mental health for the performanceand the success of the company.





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