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BOL D'AIR Jacquier and Bar to oxygen: the differences between a bowl of air Jacquier and a bar to oxygen or oxygen generator


BOL D'AIR Jacquier and Bar to oxygen: differences. Many people ask us the differences between the bol D'AIR Jacquier and the oxygen bar. An explanation was needed to clarify the two types of oxygen therapy devices.


To the left, the bar to oxygen O2PUR - on the right, the bol D'AIR Jacquier


bar à oxygène aromatique portable o2pur    Bol d'air Jacquier



A concentrated pure oxygen


First, you should know thatthe rate of average oxygen content in the atmosphere is about 20.8%. 


The Bol D'AIR Jacquier focuses not oxygen but diffuse oxygen at the rate of the atmosphere where the device is located.

In contrast,. our oxygen bar / O2PUR oxygen generator concentrated oxygen (from the air) at a safe rate of 30% (or almost) 2 more times (as the Bol D'AIR Jacquier under the same conditions) in order to fill our lack oxygen. As a parish priest of vitamin C, you made a cure of oxygen to recharge "your batteries" and increase your health capital.



A choice of very wide aromatherapy

The bol D'AIR Jacquier cannot be used with the Oresinea product of the Holiste laboratory, selling bowls of air Jacquier. The Oresine comes from hydro distillate of the landes pine resin known as oil of turpentine. HoListe indicates precisely as any other essential oil or any other product should be used or added to the correct application of the method. With the Bol D'AIR Jacquier, you cannot enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of other respirable essential oils.  


Our O2PUR material It is specially designed to take advantage of all the potential aromatherapy essential oils.
In addition to the benefits of concentrated pure oxygen, you enjoy the benefits of organic aromatherapy. So, you have plenty of tailor treatment based on the healing properties of essential oils each respirable, depending on the needs of your customers and depending on the season. You can even create your own aromatic cocktails and sensory experience by mixing several types of organic essential oils.



A good quality / price and cheap consumables


Many people are now turning to us for their oxygenation. Indeed, they have clearly understood: the amount of essential oil to put in our camera is very low (a few drops suffice) what comes significantly reduce consumable costs.


With our equipment, only 2 to 5 drops of essential oils to position in the bubbler on the front of the machine are sufficient for 3 days of use.

We do not force our customers to buy our organic essential oils. However, we recommend the brand Sevessence, Ecocert certified organic essential oils for sale on our website herewhich are of remarkable qualitiesand with direct traceability from the producer to the consumer.

Our material is of value for money unmatched and you will save on consumables with, in addition, a very wide selection.



A simplified maintenance of the machine


The Bol D'AIR jacquier cleaning can be long to perform, frequent and the binding time.


By opting for O2pur, maintenance is simplified : just empty the bubbler containing demineralized water and essential oils every 3 days or after use and dry it with a cloth dry before filling. There is not another to perform maintenance or filter change (is)(' a membrane from the research and development of NASA technology). The estimated service life of the device is 10 years with a warranty of 1 year (possibility of extending the warranty to two years).

More details on the product by clicking here





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