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How to open create run a bar to oxygen in France?


Vous souhaitez ouvrir créer lancer un bar à oxygène ? Oxygenez-Vous.com est là pour vous accompagner dans ce projet


The phenomenon of France oxygen bars is in full swing.

That is why it is interesting for any entrepreneur interested in the concept to surf on the wave O2 in opening his own oxygen bar or developing activity in addition to his main oxygen barfor diversify its customer base and receive additional income.

Oxygenez - you .com,. 1 distributor of oxygen bars by France accompanies you throughout the project. The market research phase, the choice of the location of the premises, training up to the establishment of the oxygen bar in your institution.
Fort of our experience, our seriousness and our know-howWe will at best guide in the choice of the oxygen bar equipment, in the choice of your location you and accompany you in the success of this project.

(1) The choice of the location of the local is essential. Located in city centre, choose one city (small medium or large) or the number of bars to oxygen per capita is low.

(2) The oxygen Bar equipment is critical. Do not startin a franchise or you will have to donate a % of your turnover. This has no interest and you will be handcuffs, hands and feet bound by your franchisor. Prefer our solution or you will be 100% owner of the material. You can use the bar to oxygen freely and in a way that suits you best. Our lease offer also allows you to, with an affordable monthly rent, starting the activity without taking risk and become owner of the latter at the end of the term of the lease with a purchase option.

(3) Offer your clients a comprehensive offer. In addition to the oxygen bar, you have the ability to resell our products such as the cans of oxygen goX, mineral water enriched with oxygen activeO2 andother products in our catalog. You submit additional quality service, retain your customers, attract new customers in your institution and touch comfortable margins on each product sold to increase your turnover.

(4) We give you the visibility on the web and on social networks)oxygen bar Facebook page, has Twitter Bar to oxygen) by putting forward your oxygen bar establishment and your activity oxygen bar. We also bring you customers on your city and State; Customers who do not wish to order our products on the Internet but who prefer to buy directly on-site in your store.

(5) We train you for free installation, the use and exploitation of the bar to oxygen on a daily basis. No need to have proficiency in the use of oxygen in France bar given that activity is now regulated by the State. However, it is essential to know many contraindications to oxygen, use and operation, hygiene measures and recommendations to give to clients. It is our role to well train you with good practice, particularly in terms of hygiene.
So be careful to ill-intentioned persons attempting to sell you paid trainings to oxygen Bars by putting forward the requirement for a certificate of fitness for the operator. These people are there for you during the money.

(6) We provide you free communication media to implement vitrin, displays, flyers in white label to promote your activity of oxygen bar.


(7) An efficient and professional service. In the event of hardware failure, we are committed to youlend an equivalent equipment to repair your. Our oxygen stations are guaranteed 1 year and our oxygen concentrator/generators 3 years (parts and labour).

For more information on the activity Bar to oxygen with Oxygenez to offer start - you .com, please let us your details include a few words about your project and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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How power today to open his bar legal shisha? Answer: by equipping version'NARGUILOX ®' oxygen bar. It will be like with shishas, but without smoking... and smoke, which is not a bad because experience has shown that an artificial smoke appearing in an open institutionto the public you would condemn the example of electronic cigarettes that encourage real cigarettes to reignite...
Since last year traditional shisha bars (for tobacco) are theoretically outlawed. Four-fifths of these old bars have put the key under the door or even began under the status of association type law 1901 thinking thus be exempted from the status of 'public' place not falling within the scope of the tobacco control Act prohibiting them serve a clientele pay. The future will tell them if they were right or not, but survive and hoping that the Government will continue to turn a blind eye, it's playing Russian roulette when you're a true professional, and must ensure the pay of its employees. The solution is then These new shisha... to oxygen bars, which are neither more nor less than variations of oxygen, with the 'NARGUILOX ®' bars, these hookahs without tobacco but to the mix wonder and flavourings from natural essential oils chosen for their qualities of fitness and relaxation of oxygen. It's like the chicha... but without the smoke. After some time the frustration of not exhaling smoke will pass quite easily to remember that the exquisite sensation of suck carbon monoxide was honey or Green Apple. For the list of these new shisha bars, venue on the official website of the 'NARGUILOX ®' oxygen bar





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