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Purchase, rental of oxygen bar


You are looking for original performances and innovative products to integrate into your Bar to smile for develop your sales and set yourself apart from the competition?


Oxygenez - You .com, 1 well solution provider be oxygen based, offers expertise and know-how to equip your institution of a bar to oxygen and you offer the opportunity to become reseller of our cans of oxygen.


Create the originalitycreate curiosity and bring products and services with added value for the comfort of your guests. Offer a full of pure air, nothing that breathing and hasPress your communication around the theme of the good be.


Oxygenez - You .com is provider of solutions for the good be and oxygen-based sport.
You are looking for original performances and innovative products to animate your events and to energize your teams.
Oxygenez - .com offers everywhere in France animations 'Oxygen Bar' on your events to support your communication around the theme of the good be.
Create originality and try to get the curiosity of your guests by offering them a full of pure air, nothing that inbreathable!

Our equipment and products are derived from the latest technology developed in terms of oxygen bars and CE standards.


location Bar à oxygène

Bien être de l'oxygène


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Oxygen bar and Bar to smile: two complementary services



During the sequence of bleaching teeth, following planning your space and your equipment, the client most often has the opportunity to listen to music or watch TV. Your customers can now settle comfortably at the bar to oxygen to breathe fragrance of oxygen flavored with organic essential oils for a relaxation session and a new sensory experience. Your guests will have the pleasure of this sensation of well being through the purchase of oxygen cans that are used on the road, at home or during physical and intellectual activities.

Furthermore, the use of an oxygen Bar in a hotel Bar to smile,participates in the maintenance of Dental thinning post-processing but also with the disinfection of the mouth: organic essential oils allowing to the maintain good oral hygiene. without No contra-indications on the health.

To account for the profitability and return on investment such a product for your activity, join you a simple table showing the revenues generated by an oxygen Bar.



Sales assumptions

(EUR 15 minutes 20 minutes)

Per day

Per week

Per month

Per year

1 station (5 persons)



€ 1 800

€ 21 600

2 stations (10 people)



€ 3,600

43 €200

3 stations (15 people)


1 €350

€ 5,400

64 €800

4 stations (20 persons)


€ 1 800

€ 7,200

€ 86 400

5 stations (25 people)


€ 2,250

9 €000

€ 108 000

RETURN on investment very fast: only 1 month and a half


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