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Logo Bar Lelahel


IMM. 71 Rue Felix Faure 1 floor right - App. AB Dakar Centre

Tel: 77 228 78 43 - email: contact@bar-lelahel.com - http://www.Facebook.com/bar.lelahel

Open from Monday to Friday from 10 h to 14 h and from 16 h 30 to 19 h.

Open on Saturday from 9 h to 17 h without interruption.


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Welcome to Lelahel, a space dedicated to the well being, beauty and glamour.

Discover in a firsttime our Bar to smile...


Our cosmetic dental care can earn you in just 20 minutes up to 9 shades of white. Take the time to offer you a dazzling smile!

Our products are guaranteed without peroxide or other aggressive products for email or gingiva. They consist essentially of bicarbonate, pomegranate extract, Chamomile, aloe and form part of the softer market.


In a second time and exclusive in Dakar: the oxygen Bar !

Enjoy a breath of fresh air on a relaxing armchair, in the heart of a zen atmosphere and breathe health! Enjoy 10 to 30 minutes of pure relaxation and oxygen conditioner.

With ambient pollution, our air is scarce day by day oxygen and our body suffers! The Japanese were not mistaken and have adopted it long before us. Breathing concentrated oxygen associated with our essential oils bio to revitalize the body, improve concentration and to fight against the evils of stress and fatigue.


Complete the discovery of our universe; women appreciate our beauty accessories:

-Laying of genuine Swarovski Crystal dental jewelry: fifteen different colors to choose from with in limited series of white or yellow 18kt gold jewelry!

-Sales of Nail Polish in stickers: a farandole in addition of 140 colors and metallic patterns. Holding up to 1 week for hands and 1 month for the feet!

-Addition of glittery hair without glue or heat to illuminate your hair: more than 20 available colors!

-Body jewelry also make their appearance. Shine 1000 lights with a waterproof tattoo body sequined during evenings or simply for you treat (hand made).


Hoping that your virtual tour will take you to visit us soon in our Bar Lelahel!


Equipment and products comply with European legislation (EU),

and certified ISO 9001 standard.







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