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The Oxygenator for the Aquarium, oxygen concentrators


Definition: apparatus for oxygenation in Aquarium.

This has nothing to do with the ozone generators, which do not produce oxygen and ozone, as their name suggests.


Documentation, oxygen concentrator product sheet


The hub consists of a compressor that draws the air from the room and sends this air pressure. Therefore, only the molecules of oxygen arrive through the column.

We get following the flow programmed between 0.5 L/min to 98% oxygen and 5 L/min at 80% oxygen.




Injection into water of pure oxygen is used for many years in aquaculture. The advantages are several order:


-Bactericidal effect of oxygen


-Significant increase in the efficiency of filtration through better development of aerobic bacteria responsible for the degradation of nitrogen (nitrogen cycle). Oxygenator using virtually eliminates any risk of "ascent of nitrite" in the bin, to the point that the "thrust of nitrite" unavoidable when starting a ferry nine, who appears between the 2nd and 3rd week after commissioning, is significantly lower and occurs during theof the 1st week.


-Absence of nitrogen injected into the water. Nitrogen dissolved in water (and breathed by fish), when pressure drops atmospheric, as with divers at decompression problems, induced embolism, responsible for casualties in our bins.

In nature, fish can compensate for the pressure drop down more at the bottom. In the bins, they may not exceed the bottom... ice and then undergo the most serious evils of gaseous embolism.

-The oxygen saturation of the water of the aquarium also allows a slower respiration of fish, which has a de-stressing effect, especially during acclimation.


-Fish swim less surface and come more piper air.

-Consumable electricity as only.





€550 the opportunity oxygen concentrator, 1 year warranty

€1,390 oxygen concentrator nine guaranteed 3 years







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