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Oxygen bar rental


You want to rent one or more oxygen bars for an event, an evening private or well for your company on the short, medium or long term?

Oxygenez - you .com offers the opportunity to rent the necessary equipment and offers to carry out a animations 'oxygen bar'. EC, to embellish your events and to bring a touch of novelty by a straight concept came from California.

Our equipment is of the latest technology developed in terms of oxygen bars, they are with CE and adapted to a event use. For a stronger communication impact, you can customize the oxygen bars with your logo and/or trademark.


location Bar à oxygène


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Our services include:

       -Moving equipment and animation on the place of the event team

       -The installation/uninstallation of the material to the desired location

       -Equipment rental and assistance for the duration of the event

       -The availability of a hostess who will have the role to guide participants

       -The availability of single use cannula or inhalers helmets for all participants

       -The issuance of oxygen in «non stop» and «unlimited» for the duration of the event to all participants wishing to test oxygen bars.


       -The ability to customize the oxygen bars using stickers/stickers to the image of your company (supplement print stickers €50 HT)

** Duration recommended for a session for 1 participant: 5-10 min

** Number of participants we can accommodate on average for a 4-h event: between 100 to 500 participants (depending on the type of desired oxygen bar and sizing, consult us for more information)


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