Philips Respironics SimplyGo - With battery portable oxygen concentrator

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Philips Respironics SimplyGo - With battery portable oxygen concentrator

The Philips Respironics SimplyGo portable concentrator is supplied with:  -a carrying case with shoulder strap,  -a user manual  -rechargeable battery,  -a power supply electrical mains,  -power supply continuous,  -a bag for accessories  -a trolley on wheels.  Each item is packaged in a unitary way.


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SIMPLYGO is a portable oxygen concentrator, which ensures the production of oxygen from ambient air by adsorption of nitrogen on zeolite molecular sieve. 

The mobile hub SIMPLYGO can operate in two modes: 

1 Continuous mode: between 0.5 and 2 L/min. 

2. Pulse mode:  

In pulse mode, the device detects the inspiration of patient effort and deliver a bolus of oxygen at the early inspiration. The sensitivity threshold to detect the inspiration is 0.16 cm H2O. The volume of the bolus of oxygen depends on the chosen setting (11 positions - 12-72 mL volume). The the bolus of oxygen volume is constant (as long as the maximum respiratory rate of the patient does) exceeds the fixed maximum value).  If no inspiration is detected after a few minutes (ex: at start-up), SIMPLYGO automatically delivers a bolus volume is determined by the setting of the device to a frequency of 12 cycles/min. Then (after commissioning and use by the patient), if no inspiration is detected for 2 minutes, an alarm will sound and, after 30 minutes, the hub stops automatically.

Strong points

-Nice design,


-Simplicity of settings,

-Gain autonomy in thedaily life,

-Quality of the cover and the truck.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions (H x w x D) 25.4 x 29.2 x 15.2 cm 

Weight 4.5 kg (with battery installed) 

Level sound <43 dBA (pulse position 2) <49 dBA (continuous mode 2 L/min) 

Power consumption 150 W (charging) 120 W (without charging) 

Product oxygen 87-96 % 

Flow of oxygen produced in continuous mode 0.5 to 2 L/min (0.5 L/min increments) 

Volume of oxygen produced by bolus in pulsed mode 

Bolus of oxygen of constant volume as long as the maximum respiratory frequency (FR max) is not exceeded 

Position 1: 12 mL 

Position 1½: 18 mL 

Position 2: 24 mL 

Position 2½: 30 mL 

Position 3: 36 mL 

Position 3½: 42 mL 

 Position 4: 48 mL 

Position 4½: 54 mL 

Position mL 

Position 5½: 66 mL 

Position 6: 72 mL 

FR max: 40 cycles/min 

FR max: 40 cycles/min 

FR max: 40 cycles/min 

FR max: 40 cycles/min 

FR max: 40 cycles/min 

FR max: 40 cycles/min 

FR max: 40 cycles/min 

FR max: 37 cycles/min 

FR max: 33 cycles/min 

FR max: 30 cycles/min 

FR max: 28 cycles/min 

Trigger sensitivity - 0.16 cm H2O (pulse) 

Duration of battery continuous Mode:

Flow 0.5 L/min: 3.1 h 

1 L/min rate: 2.3 h 

Flow 2 L/min: 0.7 h 


Position 1: 3.7 h 

Position 2: 3.5 h 

Position 3: 3.1 h 

Position 4: 2.7 h 

Position 5: 2.3 h 

Position 6: 1.9 h 

Battery recharge time 2 to 3 h 

Humidifier Yes (for continuous mode only) 

Life 15,000 h 

Warranty 2 years 



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