Animation Seated Massage technique AMMA

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Animation Seated Massage technique AMMA

The seated massage AMMA reduces the effects of stress, relieve anxiety, fight against fatigue or relieve muscle tension. This thoroughly modern relaxation technique restores tone, vitality and a feeling of wellness. Instantly find your energy and motivation.


348,00 € Author


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This technique of relaxation seated massage has been developed since 1982 in the United States. It is based on traditional Japanese art of acupressure called AMMA "Calmer with his hands" which dates back to 1300 years. It is played on an ergonomic chair, comfortable, specially designed for this purpose and only lasts 15 minutes. This stimulation of acupuncture points located on meridians active circulation of energies. This particular style of massage acts on the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, back, hips very specific sequences called "Kata". It provides muscle relaxation and improved circulation.



  1. In 15 minutes, more effective than coffee.
  2. The relaxation is done through clothing which makes it psychologically more comfortable raising any inhibition.
  3. A wellness company leading to a better listening between colleagues, increased efficiency of your teams and positivism of social relations.
  4. For the company, the provision of a quality that can be defined as an innovative and user-friendly in-house and externally, but also to establish a strong team spirit, improve productivity and thus meet the requirements of economic market by promoting well-being and health of personnel.
  5. A significant decrease in absenteeism of employees with an enhanced ability to manage a heavy workload.



A real communication tool. Boost your communication with an original offer.

For audiences within the company: corporate conventions, product launches, seminars, forums, meetings, incentives, trips.

For audiences to the company: shareholders' meetings, conventions of customers, conventions, conferences, symposia, exhibits, booths, shows, trips.

For all age groups: Birthdays, parties, inaugurations,open houses.

For the general public: historical events, cultural and sporting activities trading, promotional tours, events on the street.



The procedure requires no preparation. Previously, each employee is entered on a transition schedule to meet each other's work. The establishment, by its speed and discretion does not interfere with the activity of the company.

Time seated massage: 15 minutes + 5 minutes per person to handle the delay, reception and departure of persons

Who funds?

  • The EC, the HR or Marketing settle the full amount.
  • The cost is split between employer and employee.
  • The employee sets the amount itself, the employer has the time and place.



  • A service to VIP customers.
  • A stress-free approach to the direct environment of the company.
  • Freshness decisively against the client. A dynamic image conveyed by the company.
  • An original touch in your professional events.

This approach has many advantages in the various seminars fitness of motivational or experiences outside of the company (bungee jumping, going green, paint-ball ...)

It is:

  • Be beneficial for the knowledge and know-how of the company and its employees.
  • Sustainable over time.
  • Regular and personalized.

Based entirely in the company or the events and offering a better return on investment, this approach is a way to boost the lifeblood of your company but is by no means an observation tool for employees.


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