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What are the benefits of oxygen?


Oxygen is vital for our survival. It is the vital energy which the body to need.

Oxygen in the ambient air decreased more because of pollution air, industrial, agricultural, exhaust from cars etc.

10,000 Years ago the rate of oxygen in the air was 30 %.

Today it is of approximately 21 %. Pollution reduces the level of oxygen in the air to 16 %. Our body is found then hypoxia = lack of oxygen and cannot function optimally.

As a vitamin C cure, it is advisable to combat pollution and lack of oxygen to make sessions of oxygen.

Please note thatoxygen deficiency is responsible for disorders such as fatigue, lack of concentration, headaches, irritability, stress.

The benefits of oxygen:

-90% of our energy comes from oxygen and only 10% of food and water.

-Increases concentration, alertness and memory.

-Strengthens the nervous system and the immune system.

-Acts as de-stressing and calm your mind.

-Provides a natural cure for headaches, migraines and difficult aftermath.

-Relieves altitude-related temporary discomfort and reduces the effects of jet lag.

-Optimizes the physical endurance and muscle recovery.

-Decreases the chronic fatigue syndrome and helps find the sleep.






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