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Oxygen and heart disease


Cyanotic heart disease are heart defects where there is a mixture of non-oxygenated blood (blue) with oxygenated blood (red). Blue-purplish discoloration of the face, lips and nails appear, especially when crying, due to inadequate oxygenation of the blood from which the name of 'blue disease '.


By definition, they require communication between the heart right and left heart. But the regime's pressure is that, in this case, blood goes from left heart to right heart (left greater than right pressures pressures). To reverse the shunt, it must reverse the pressure gradient, and therefore, increase those straight cavities. The most common mechanism is an obstacle on the right outflow tract.


Cyanotic heart disease are therefore more complex, involving at least a communication between the heart right and left heart, an obstacle to the ejection on the right heart. Non cyanotic heart disease are due to a left-right shunt congenital heart defectsi.e. of the (red) oxygenated blood that mixes with (blue) non-oxygenated blood (communication between the heart right and left heart) or malformations due to an obstacle in the heart or on a large vessel (pulmonary artery, aorta).

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