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relaxity - centre de relaxation


220 boulevard Raspail 75014 Paris

Tel: 01 71 97 87 36 - E-mail: contact@relaxity.fr - http://www.relaxity.fr

Open from Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm



Relaxity is a new concept of relaxation centre, freshly open to Paris.


With its new concept in France offer a quick, easy relaxation formatand effective to relax in the heart of the city, Relaxity is the ideal place to relax and regain energy at any time of the day.


Relaxity relaxation centre offers:

-6 cabins multi sensory massage chairs.

-The Duo of luxury cabin and 2 armchairs of massage.

-2 spaces of light therapy & reflexology.

-2 cabins multi sensory beds to make a real NAP.

-One Bar to oxygen in Paris.

- Sale of cans of oxygen pure goX


bar a oxygene paris comptoir relaxity  bar a oxygène paris - relaxity centre de relaxation

bar a oxygene paris o2pur oxygène pur bars à oxygène paris - fauteuil massant japonais dernière génération

bar à oxygène à Paris - détente relaxation sieste bars à oxygène paris réflexologie plantaire 


The Bar to oxygen in Paris

Need air?

Come and discover all the advantages of a better oxygenation through the

Oxygen Paris Bar who brings you a purified air enriched with 50% oxygen in higher than ambient air, for one General regeneration of your body.

To be used at any time of the day to recharge your batteries, increase your health capital and feel better in all respects.



Light therapy & reflexology 

Need light?

Fill up on energy as on a sunny day.

Accompanied by light therapy session of reflexologyfoot shiatsu style you will bring renewed energy, general equilibrium, and will restore the harmony of your biological clock.



Massage chairs

Need to relax?

Massage chairs latest-generation high-performance are proposed to you in cabin individual sensory multi. They bring you all the benefits of a massage from head to feet for a relaxation in depth and total well-being.

The Duo cabin:

To share the happiness of the relaxation to 2, Relaxity offers 2 armchairs of massage in a relaxing VIP cabin.



The Siesta

Tired? Needrecover? Make the NAP.

Relaxity offers you these 2 individual cabins for a 30 min NAP in a real bed. Your sleep will be favoured by a heated mattress, an environment conducive to rest and clock light and music.

A parenthesis in the day to rest and going back to full form.


Easy access to the trigger, without an appointment, without the need to strip and come out oily, in a warm atmosphere, Relaxity is the ideal centre for general fitness.






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