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Oxygenez - You .com has tested sports VO2MAX, in the medical clinic private sport, Clamart.



Tests VO2MAX - Canettes d'oxygène goX Tests VO2MAX - Canettes d'oxygène goX



 Download the VO2MAX results with cans of oxygen goX

Download the VO2MAX results without cans of oxygen goX



These tests allowed to highlight several properties of the product:

1. The bobbin of oxygen goX allows recovery muscle faster.

2. Oxygen is slightly lower heart rate which allows to have a higher heart amplitude.

3. Oxygen during exercise allows to better keep pace and to achieve the stated objectives.



In conclusion we can say that oxygen, fuel of our body with glucose, brings to the muscles all the energy they need for the effort. The body achieves the same performance in producing less effort and is therefore more economical.







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